Introducing X-Trade by Xeris

Made specifically for product data distribution

X-Trade was designed specifically for the purpose of making product data easy to distribute, retrieve and update - automatically. The tool supports all commonly used file standards and any type of product data, including text, photos, 3D-files, video and more.

The ideal tool for distributing product data.

Accurate data always at hand

Get instant access to manufacturers’ product data changes and keep your systems updated

Transfer data to any system

X-Trade supports transfer to all known sales and marketing channels or systems

Keep track of availability

Never again doubt your manufacturers’ ability to deliver with live inventory estimates

Estimate lead times instantly

Provide customers with accurate estimates about lead time, directly from manufacturers

End-to-end integration

No more manual product data updates

Don't miss out on any prices or product data updates from your manufacturers. Let your systems and webshop be updated automatically and seamlessly.

No more calls, e-mails, spreadsheets or manual updates in order to have full and accurate product data. Including pictures, videos and certificates.

Stay in the loop

Always up-to-date,
never any uncertainty

Is your product data up-to-date?

With X-Trade you don't have to think about it. The product data is automatically updated in all systems and touchpoints the moment manufacturer changes it on its end. You can be sure your team and customers always see up-to-date product data.

Optimized for you

Save time and money,
automate your product data

How much time do you spend updating and managing product data? How much time do you spend correcting errors, returns, or missed sales opportunities due to incorrect or missing product data?

Free your resources and boost your sales with automated product data pipeline.

The benefits of a product data pipeline

Every retailer relies on data to sell products. Such data includes specifications, prices, photos, availability, lead times and more

Content is King

X-Trade supports all kinds of product data, including media, certificates, and product structures

Your preferred standard

X-Trade supports all common product data standards and cross-converts to the standard of your choice

Connect and perfect

Set up X-Trade once and enjoy automatic retrieval of product data at your fingertips

Don't take our word for it

Our customers know best

"The Xeris team very quickly identified what we and the industry needed and adapted their solution continuously."
Vibeke Nossum
Previous Market & Project Director for Environment & Waste
“With X-Trade by Xeris we are able to manage a streamlined, connected and simple process for the exchange of product information."
Charlotta Persfell
Online Marketing & Sales Officer

The most powerful tool for product data distributon

X-Trade enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, optimize and exchange product data seamlessly, efficiently and securely.

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