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We build pipelines for
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At Xeris, our mission is simple. We want to help retailers and manufacturers get as much value as possible from product data.
For this purpose, we have developed X-Trade, the world's most sophisticated tool for distribution of product data and connection of trading partners.

X-Trade For Manufacturers

Update product data directly in retailers' stores

With X-Trade, manufacturers' product data is piped directly into retailers systems. This ensures both parties that retailers' product data systems are always up-to-date, in addition to saving precious time.

Manufacturer updating product data in their systems and watching the updates go to all their retailersProduct data from different producers in different states of up-to-date
X-Trade for Retailers

Keep your product data up to date with minimal effort

X-Trade gives you an instant access to accurate and up-to-date product data, always ready at hand.


How much product data is in X-Trade by Xeris?






Introducing X-Trade by Xeris

Made specifically for product data distribution

X-Trade was designed specifically for the purpose of making product data easy to distribute, retrieve and update - automatically. The tool supports all commonly used file standards and any type of product data, including text, photos, 3D-files, video and more.

The ideal tool for product data exchange.

Laptop showing X-Trade interface
A colorful and interesting product in the middle of a lot of dull and grey products
Stand out in the crowd

Turn product data into a competitive advantage

Capturing customers' attention can be tricky. In an online environment, customers' attention spans are limited and you rarely get a second chance.

Rich, detailed and accurate product data is often the key to standing out in online stores and tenders.

Ensure Product Market Fit

Feel confident in how products are presented

Manufacturers have the information and edge needed to present their products in the best possible way. Retailers know what their customers are looking for in their stores.

X-Trade enables collaboration between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring that every customer finds what they are looking for.

The most powerful tool for product data distributon

X-Trade enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, optimize and exchange product data seamlessly, efficiently and securely.

Variants Generator

Configure any amount of product variants - at the same time

Product Configurator

Configure a product tailored for the end user


Structure and transfer the exact product data needed

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